Chlor-O-Matic Water Purification System

State-of-the-art technology for purifying well and surface water is available in Canada, exclusively from Aztec Water Solutions.

The patented system, called "Chlor-O-Matic", is designed to use dry chlorine pellets.

The General Electric chlorinator, automatically dispenses one-gram chlorine pellets directly into a deep or shallow well, at an adjustable rate, only when the water pump runs. This unique method of chlorinating water at its source, provides complete sanitation of the entire water system.

The well casing, pump, screen, pipes, and pressure tank are continuously protected against clogging and corrosion caused by iron bacteria and other slime-producing organisms found in the water. As a result, the need to frequently "shock-chlorinate" the well (which is only a temporary solution to these problems) is completely eliminated.

In order to remove the chlorine and any pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals in the water, a custom-designed 5 in 1 Multi Media Filter is installed as a part of the system.

The filter, which automatically back-washes, also removes "rotten-egg" smell and corrects household staining problems caused by iron and manganese particles in the water.

The simple and economical operation of the Chlor-O-Matic System in correcting water contamination problems, caused by iron, manganese, hazardous chemicals, slime-organisms, dangerous coliform bacteria and hydrogen sulfide gas, has been demonstrated and proven on over 50,000 wells, cisterns and dugouts.

This dry-pellet chlorination system has also been thoroughly field tested and proven by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

LIFE magazine has identified the chlorination and filtration of water as one of the most important health advancements of the 20th century.

Aztec's "Chlor-O-Matic System" utilizes this same process to provide clean, safe water at every tap ... on farms and acreages or wherever else private water supplies are used.

System Includes

  • 10" Multi Media Filter
  • Chlorinator
  • 38 lbs chlorine pellets

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