Indoor Residential Chlorinating Filtration Package

Benefits of the IRCFP

  • Excellent way to treat dug out and shallow well water
  • Filters out iron and manganese
  • Eliminates bacteria and viruses
  • Dissolves ochre iron deposits
  • Eliminates the growth of the biofouling mass ochre
  • Prevents water recontamination
  • Treats and protects the entire water system continously
  • Uses dry chlorine water pellets
  • Eliminates hydrogen sulfide, algae, slime and nuisance bacteria
  • EPA registered pellets approved for drinking water
  • Fully adjustable
  • Easiest user-operated chlorinators available

Systems Includes

  • 150 gallon holding tank
  • Well-Pro pellet dispenser
  • 3/4 Grundfos jet pump or optional 1/2 hp Goulds submersible pump
  • Brass fill valve and float
  • V60 Goulds pressure tank with brass tank T
  • 10" multi-media filter
  • Test taps
  • Chlorine test strips
  • 4lbs Well-Pro chlorine pellets

Please call 1-800-667-0707 or message us for more details.